We can help you with cabinetry design, trim, lighting and finishes to suit your home and style.


Whether you want to remodel an existing garden or start anew, we can help you create your dream garden. 


We design custom homes tailored to  the specific needs of  your family and property.


We can help you reorganize the spaces within your home or design an addition to better meet your needs.​

About Maple Leaf Design

Lyle and Meredith Grant started Maple Leaf Design in Seattle in 1999. Prior to starting the firm, Meredith worked for residential architects in Boston and Seattle. Lyle’s previous experience included positions at two multi-disciplinary design firms in Seattle working on commercial architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. In 2014, Lyle and Meredith moved their family and business to Edmonds. Over the years, Maple Leaf Design has completed hundreds of successful projects around the Puget Sound and beyond. They have been fortunate to work with many wonderful clients on projects ranging from small remodels to expansive new homes and from modest garden remodels to huge multi-phase landscape projects. Over this time, the firm has developed a network of talented contractors, engineers and consultants whose expertise they draw upon to tackle the most challenging projects and sites.